• Second Chance Grace Place Ephesians 4:32

  • All Nations Congregation Mark 11:17

  • Doable Faith James 1:22

  • Deliberate Pathway For Growth Hebrews 6:1

  • Love In Action John 3:16-18

  • Empowered Members 1Corinthians 12:27


The Church that we see is a Church of influence. We envision a Church so large that it creates an irresistible need for multiple regional campuses; yet locally small enough to create a vibrant community of believers. Its culture permeates all of society; creating an unmistakable atmosphere of Jesus Christ and His Purpose. We see a Team of Pastors who is constantly Bringing in, Building up and Training a generation of future leaders to be ready to be sent out.

The Church that we see is a church whose heartfelt praise and worship touches heaven and changes earth; worship which influences the praises of people and blesses the heart of God, exalting God with powerful songs of praise and hope.

We see a church whose altars are constantly filled with real people acknowledging their sin and falling upon God’s Amazing Grace and Mercy to receive the free gift of salvation. Everyone is secure in the knowledge that God loves them and he is in a GOOD MOOD.

The Church we see is so dependent on the Holy Spirit that nothing will stop it nor stand against it; a Church whose people are unified, praying and full of God’s Spirit.

The Church we see has a message so clear that lives are changed forever and potential is fulfilled through the power of His Word; a message carried to the peoples of our region and throughout the world through all media advances available.


We see a Church so compassionate that people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving, accepting and hope filled community, where answers are found, truth is discovered and real change begins.

We see a Church filled with people so Kingdom minded that they will count whatever the cost and pay whatever the price to see profound personal rebirth and become agents for revival that sweeps the land.

We see a church of authentic community that goes outside its walls acting on the gospel of “go”. We are moved by injustice and are willing to be active in the face of it.

The Church that we see is a church so committed to raising, training and empowering a leadership generation of all ages, nationalities and economic levels to reap the end-time harvest that all its ministries are consumed with this goal.

We see a Church whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Great Commission and The Great Commandment.

“A Great Commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church.” – Pastor Rick Warren