Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power Psalm 110:3a


Administrative & Special Projects

You can use your administrative gifts by setting up and serving at special events, answering phones, and organizing day-to-day ministry functions that, in turn, support the entire RLC Team.

Hours: Varies

Positions Report to: Jill Brand

city kid's team member

Lend strength to Real Life Church to see the expansion of God’s kingdom by training up little revivialist to bring a big impact to the world.

Includes teaching, imparting, connecting, and children ages 0 to Middle School ages. The Team Member will service once or twice a month. This will include creating a safe, loving, and empowering environment as well as meeting the basic needs of the children.

Hours: Meet before service and serve during service hours.

Positions reports to: Jill Brand


communications/media team member

This team uses the power of social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, to reach people who are already online. Team members will be responsible for our social media efforts, with a direct goal of growing engagement and excitement for RLC’s content and for the Church through various platforms. These Team members play critical roles in a collaborative & creative team.

Hours: Varies

Positions reports to: Carl Nelson


Serving as a Security/Usher helps to ensure the church provides the safest possible environment for children and adults attending and serving during weekly services and special events.

Hours: Meet before service, service throughout service

Position reports to: Pastor Jay